Weather forecast

This page shows current forecasts for Herne Bay.

The forecasts are the result of sophisticated Wunderground models, using a variety of inputs (including data supplied by weather stations such as Eddington) to produce a unique forecast for about every 4km. This allows global factors as well as macro factors to influence the forecast. They are updated in the light of new data and trends approximately every half an hour.

But a forecaster's lot is not a happy one. No matter the amount of expertise or budget that is thrown at a forecast, the only thing a forecaster can be certain about is that he is going to be wrong! The good forecaster knows this, and will work on reducing the amount by which he is wrong.

So please do not base any important decisions on the forecasts here. They should be treated as the most likely scenario rather than what will definitely happen.

Please also bear in mind that a forecast will become increasingly unreliable over time, so please only use longer term forecasts for guidance.

A rogue cloud, wind or butterfly wing can ruin it for us all!

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