2005 Lebanese police arrested Omar Bakri, the Islamic cleric who is being investigated in Britain for his remarks on the London bombings.
1964 The High Numbers, (later to become The Who), played at The Railway Hotel in Harrow, England. Just before the band were due on stage, Roger Daltry's father-in law came into the venue and dragged the singer outside and hit him. The band started their set and Daltry appeared back on stage after the fight.
2016 Reverend Roly Bain (62), Britain’s only full-time clown-priest, died.
2006 British officials identified 19 of the suspects accused of planning to blow up US-bound aircraft in the biggest terrorist plot to be uncovered since 9/11, while investigators probed their movements, background and finances. In addition, five Pakistanis have been arrested in Pakistan as suspected "facilitators" of the plot, as well as two Britons arrested there about a week ago. A Pakistani intelligence official said 10 Pakistanis were arrested in Bhawalpur district, 300 miles southwest of Islama...
1982 The notorious East End gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray were allowed out of prison for the funeral of their mother.
1996 Microsoft releases the Internet Explorer web browser to compete with Netscape’s popular Navigator browser.
2011 Police in London raided houses to round up more rioting suspects as Britain's big cities remained largely quiet after four days of rioting and looting that drew thousands of police officers onto the streets. The four days of riots left five people dead, thousands facing criminal charges and hundreds of millions in damages.
1919 The line between Dover and Folkestone is reopened after 4 years following a cliff fall.