1995 Group Capt. Peter Townsend, the Battle of Britain pilot, whose love Princess Margaret had renounced for duty, was buried in the small, 10th century church of St-Leger-en-Yvelines, near Paris. The British Ambassador to France attended on behalf of the Queen.
1894 A firedamp explosion at Albion Colliery, Cilfynydd, Glamorgan, kills 290 coal miners and 123 horses underground *
1918 SS Moldavia, lost off Littlehampton, Sussex. This P & O ship of 9,500 tons was requisitioned in 1915 and converted to an auxiliary cruiser and commissioned by the British Admiralty. Later she was used as a troopship after the USA joined the war and while carrying troops to France she was torpedoed. Most soldiers were rescued but 56 lost their lives.
1430 Joan of Arc captured by Burgundians at Compiegne, who sell her to the British
1939 The Government of Eire declared membership of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to be illegal.