1978 Princess Margaret and her friend, Roddy Llewellyn, left for a holiday on the romantic island of Mustique.
1952 At Sellafield on the Irish Sea coast in Cumberland, the Windscale plutonium plant began operation. That Britain was developing nuclear weapons was not made public until, a few days earlier, Prime Minister Winston Churchill had announced on 17 Feb 1952, plans to test the first British-made atomic bomb at the Monte Bello Islands off the northwest coast of Australia.
1902 The first power-driven vacuum cleaner was built by Hubert Cecil Booth (1871-1955) of London. In 1901, Booth, devised a filter bag system that made commercial vacuum cleaners practical. *
1999 Gordon Ramsay uttered his first foul oath on TV when his documentary Boiling Point was broadcast, leading up to opening his first restaurant in Chelsea *
1746 Cumberlands troops occupy Aberdeen