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Caravanning in Surrey - March 2016


A pictorial record of Caravan's first gig of 2016 on 12th March in Farncombe, Surrey.

Unfortunately due to my position, the lighting and my unwillingness to disrupt the enjoyment of others, photos of Mark and Jan are in short supply. This was not through want of trying!

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When we were young


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Caravanning in Canterbury


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Other lovely people


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A Wonderful Weekend in Warsy


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Alex hits 50!


Friends and family met to celebrate Andrew ‘Alex’ Alexander’s 50th birthday on 21st March 2015.

The occasion was kindly hosted by his mum and dad (Jean and Joe), with wife Sara and daughter Jess providing expert catering.

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Dave and Ally's wedding


My old friend Dave (in fact he is very old), finally decided to marry Ally. They decided on a small family gathering, but invited me to take some photos.
Extremely proud to be part of Dave and Ally’s special day!

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Dave and Ally's marriage blessing and reception


A Blessing on the Beach, followed be a wonderful reception held at the Horsebridge in Whitstable. A tale of many faces, some old, some new, and some deliberately misleading. It felt like walking 30 years back in time.

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Now we are older and wiser(?)


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